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Mathias Pierre – Presidential Candidate 2015

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An entrepreneur, a writer, a public figure, a family man—call him as you may, Mathias Pierre is a role model for Haitian society. His remarkable success remains a source of inspiration, hope, and motivation.


Mathias Pierre is a man of vision. As the founder and president of GaMa Group, he has received many accolades both in the national and the international media for his success as a Haitian entrepreneur. Internationally, his technology firm GaMa Consulting S.A. received the distinguished prize “Prosperity Pioneers” out of 500 firms in the Caribbean region. Nationally, his firm won the Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 in the technology category. Since 2012, he has launched his latest project – a construction company called KayTek. It offers modern affordable housing to a population in dire need of housing after the earthquake. This project also aligns with his social development objectives. It creates a franchise system where engineers receive free training in the construction sector. It promotes entrepreneurship by encouraging them to become franchise owners themselves.  KayTek’s business plan has been recognized and funded by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which invested 1.1 million dollars into the project.


Mathias is very active in the Haitian private sector. He served as president of the Haitian Association of Information Technology and Communication. (AHTIC). He was vice president of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (West Region). He is currently council member of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM). Since 1998, he has been an active member of the administrative board of Union School, an American school in Haiti.


Mathias Pierre’s story of success is uncommon in Haiti. Growing up in poverty and becoming a prosperous business leader is an exception. Desiring to share his story, he wrote an autobiographical book titled: The Power of a Dream. The book describes the experience of a man who decided to work hard to accomplish his dreams thereby, breaking the cycle of poverty. The book also reveals some great principles that are indispensable for success. Since the publication of the book, he has been active promoting a culture of entrepreneurship through conferences across the country. The book has received acclaim from both the national and international press, including Le Nouvelliste in Haiti and Le Figaro in France as well as NPR News, Washinton Post, CS Monitor, and Wall Street Journal in the United States. All have unanimously acknowledged his dynamism, his vision, and his determination to give a new, positive, and more appealing image to Haiti. He is regarded as a great model of an entrepreneurship movement in Haiti.


Mathias is also very involved in social programs in Haiti. He founded ETRE Ayisyen Foundation. Its objective is to facilitate the emergence of responsible entrepreneurs-leaders by providing them mentoring and formative tools that are essential for the creation of wealth and socio-economic empowerment. The foundation is currently working with thousands of members throughout the country. It intends to form a hub of business incubators capable of generating long term economic growth.


Putting aside his own success, Mathias remains very committed to the plight of the Haitian people. He’s very engaged to bring about lasting change in the country. Since the January 12 2010 earthquake, he regularly proposes various reflections on the social economic development of Haiti. In April 2010, he had the opportunity to appear before the American Congress to testify in favor of promoting small and micro enterprises in Haiti. Such activities are proof of his leadership and expertise.  As a result, he has earned the trust and respect of many.


Driven by his passion to make a difference in Haiti, he is now running for president.  He wants to apply his experience and many of the principles he has learned as a business leader to being the president of the country. He believes that a new and prosperous Haiti is not only possible but imminent.


Mathias Pierre comes from humble beginnings, not much different than the majority of the Haitian population who struggles daily in abject and precarious conditions. He excelled in school to the point of obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering from the State University of Haiti. He is married to the woman he met during his days at the university. They have two girls from this union. He is very devoted to his family.


Mathias Pierre may very well be an accomplished entrepreneur, a writer, or public figure, but his true talent remains the ability to teach and motivate individuals to reach their true potential. In fact, he’s always encouraging others not to give up hope and to be proud to be Haitian. Most importantly, know that their origin does not condemn them.


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Mathias Pierre In The News

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Conférence de Presse

Positionnement du Candidat à la Présidence Mathias Pierre sur la déportation d’Haïtiens et de Dominicains d’origine haïtienne.

Je crois en tant que citoyen et en tant que candidat à la présidence qu’il est nécessaire de formuler des propositions concrètes au gouvernement de mon pays, devant l’ouragan et la tempête qui menacent Haïti face à la déportation de nos compatriotes


L’heure est grave. Les autorités haïtiennes ne peuvent pas, sous peine de déchéance face à l’histoire, ne pas considérer l’ampleur de ce phénomène qui peut tenir lieu de catastrophe humanitaire. L’heure est à l’action. Au sens de responsabilité. Nous exhortons le gouvernement haïtien à prendre des décisions dignes de nos ancêtres, qui nous ont légué cette terre.


Nous proposons à l’Etat haïtien les mesures suivantes :


1. Que l’Etat haïtien confie, conformément au droit international, le dossier des ressortissants haïtiens aux instances internationales compétentes en vue d’obtenir de la République Dominicaine un moratoire de 6 mois, le temps pour le gouvernement haïtien de se préparer à accueillir les ressortissants.


2. Que l’Ambassade d’Haïti en République Dominicaine continue avec le processus d’identification des Haïtiens afin de créer une base de données sur la situation de ces derniers en République Dominicaine.


3. Que le gouvernement haïtien négocie l’accueil des ressortissants par quatre points spécifiques : Ouanaminthe, Belladère, Anse-à-Pitres, Thomassique. Qu’il soit mis en place dans chacun de ces points une structure d’accompagnement avec médecin, infirmiers, psychologues, travailleurs sociaux, etc.


4. Qu’un fonds d'urgence soit débloqué en vue de la construction de logements décents pour l’hébergement des rapatriés. A cet effet, on pourrait utiliser les fonds prévus pour le prochain carnaval des fleurs.


5. Que le gouvernement haïtien, à long terme, renforce la sécurité frontalière par une force spécialisée et qu’il contrôle rigoureusement le flux des Haïtiens qui traversent en République Dominicaine.


6. Que le gouvernement, à long terme, crée les conditions pour dynamiser l’économie haïtienne et offrir à chaque citoyen haïtien l’opportunité de participer à la création de richesse et réussir sa vie valablement dans son pays.


7. Que cette catastrophe humanitaire puisse nous amener à tirer des leçons, que les efforts nécessaires soient engagés pour améliorer les conditions de vie en Haïti et limiter le plus possible le flux migratoire des Haïtiens vers les autres pays.


8. Que le gouvernement haïtien réévalue sa diplomatie et réalise une réforme en profondeur dans ses relations diplomatiques avec la République Dominicaine en prévention des dérives futures.


Nous croyons au dialogue. Nous recommandons fortement le dialogue entre les deux pays. Cependant, si les négociations n’avancent pas, nous proposons au gouvernement haïtien les deux mesures ultimes suivantes :


- Porter le secteur privé dominicain, notamment les exportateurs à influencer les autorités dominicaines dans le sens d’une négociation réussie, gagnant-gagnant. Ils attaquent sur le terrain de l’immigration, nous pouvons contrattaquer sur le terrain du commerce, en bloquant les produits en provenance de la République Dominicaine.


- Résilier les contrats avec les grandes compagnies de construction dominicaines.


Encore une fois, je veux exhorter les dirigeants haïtiens à agir promptement, en vue d’adopter toutes les mesures susceptibles de faire respecter les droits fondamentaux de nos ressortissants. Pour que cesse la barbarie ! Pour que cesse la sauvagerie !


Que nos dirigeants agissent vite et bien !

Mathias PIERRE
Candidat à la Présidence aux élections de 2015